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    Simply delicious! Beautifully packaged in our special Barn mason jars. These jars are great to use as drinking glasses or in DIY projects. Create this soup sensation that will engulf your kitchen with the rich aroma of homemade goodness.

    Harvest Soup Mix makes a great gift as well as a great meal. This product is substantial and pretty enough to make a charming hostess gift or a perfect addition to any gift basket. It's also a natural pair with Barn Candles.

    And so easy! Just add water, a can of tomatoes, and the meat is optional!

    Are you tired of rice and potatoes as side dishes? Another idea to try would be to saute everything other than the beef broth in some Olive Oil or Butter, then add the beef broth dissolved in some water (I use about 1/2 the amount of water then keep an eye on the lentils to be fully cooked, adding more water if needed) place browned pork chops or chicken breast on top, cover and cook until the lentils and meat are fully done.

    Ingredients: split peas, lentils, rice, barley, pasta, onion, and beef base.

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    Harvest Soup Mix

    I'd received this as a gift once and enjoyed the soup so much that I decided to give them as gifts to a couple of friends. I was disappointed to receive them in the plastic bags rather than the cute gift jars. Perhaps I should have specified that I wanted the soup in jars - not sure.